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Francesco De Santis enters in Italfarmaco in 1981 at the age of 25 and has been covering during his career the different positions of Managing Director, Director of the Board, President of Italfarmaco Spa and is President of Italfarmaco Holding. He has personally driven the foundation and internationalization process of all of the group’s companies.


 1981    Francesco De Santis' entry as Italfarmaco’s Managing Director, the family company, led by his father Prof. Gastone De Santis (President) in the Fulvio Testi branch.
 1982 Italfarmaco’s first product “Selezen” (imidazate) is introduced on the market.
 1983 Acquisition of the majority of LPB shares and requalification of the research laboratories at the LPB office in Cinisello Balsamo with relocation of the research staff.
 1984 Acquisition of CHEMI Spa by Italfarmaco (Chemi becomes a subsidiary company involved in the production and marketing of semi finished and finished chemical products). Founded in 1973, the new plant in Patrica (FR) is inaugurated in 1974.
 1985 Francesco De Santis takes on the position of Director of the Board of Italfarmaco Spa.
 1986 Market launch of Nicardal 20 (hypertensive).
 1987 Francesco De Santis member of Farmadustria Council (Italfarmaco and Lifepharma were already associated partners since 1978).
Francesco De Santis takes on the position of President of Italfarmaco Spa.
 1988 Market launch of Ferplex (Ferrous proteinsuccinilate) manufactured by Italfarmco research laboratory.
 1989 Market launch of Gliatilin, manufactured by Italfarmaco research laboratory (choline alfoscerate).
 1990 Francesco De Santis is awarded on the behalf of Italfarmaco the U.N.A.M.S.I. “Carlo Guidetti” prize for researchers, representatives of praiseworthy firms in medical scientific communication.
Inauguration of the production installation of alpha-Glycerophosphorylcholine in the Chemi manufacturing plant in Patrica (FR).
 1991 Francesco De Santis gets the foundation of Italfarmaco SA Spain underway (with a production plant which manufactures oral liquids and focuses on the respiratory therapeutic areas, cardiovascular and gynaecologic).
CHEMI opens a waste water treatment plant (with high technological quality and importance for environmental protection of the site).
 1992 Francesco De Santis is appointed President of Tecnofarmaci (business consortium for pharmaceutical research).
 1993 Italfarmaco obtains acknowledgement for national funding of several research projects.
 1994 The Italfarmaco’s research development goes on. The research results of ILOPROST (prostanoide) and CALCIPARINA (antithrombotic) anticoagulants for preventive treatment of severe peripheral arterial diseases are published.
 1995 Foundation of Italfarmaco Holding Spa, Francesco De Santis assumes the position of President.
Introduction of one of the company’s top product “Myelostim" (lenograstim: growth factors Granolicite-Colony Stimulating Factor) thanks to the partnership with the Japanese firm CHUGAI. Italfarmaco markets in 2009 “Granocyte” manufactured by Chugai.
 1996 Foundation of Laboratorios Farmaceutico Logogen SA (Spain) - second commercial line of Italfarmaco SA Spain
 1997 Acquisition of Lifepharma – (Milan: acquisition) - sale of drugs mainly targeting foreign markets such as the Middle East and North Africa.
Italfarmaco Spa transfers its commercial offices and administrative branch in Cinisello Balsamo. In the Milan manufacturing plant located at 330 Viale Fulvio Testi are expanded production lines and logistic facilities.
In that same year, Italfarmaco SA Spain establishes its third commercial line: Laboratorios Framaceutico Valomed SA (Spain).
 1998 Foundation of ITF Farma Chile SA in Santiago, which deals completely with commercial activities.
 1999 Opening of the ITF representative office in Russia (based in Moscow. Start up operations in Giorgia and Azebaijan).
Foundation of ITF Farma Produtos Farmaceutico Lda Portuguese branch office of Italfarmaco S.A. based in Barcarena-Lisbon. The office deals completely with commercial activities.
 2000 ITF Chemical Ltda, Brazil (chemical production based in Camacari/S. de Bahia) and opening ceremony of the plant in 2001.  
 2001 A new company in the group is founded: Chemi Nutraeuticals, USA.
Foundation of Italfarmaco Hellas, in Athens which markets gynaecologic and neurologic products.
Italfarmaco launches the chemotherapy product MUPHORAN (fotemustine).
 2002 Foundation of ITF Medigen Produtos Farmaceutico Lda (Portugal): a commercial line linked with Italfarmaco SA.
 2003 Acquisition of shares from EffikFrance (Effik group, active in Italy, Portugal and Spain (and then in Switzerland) which is specialized in the gynaecological field, with contraceptive products, substitutive hormonal treatments for menopause, sterility and acne).
2004 Foundation of Laboratorios Farmaceuticos Medilab SA (Spain) – a company which performs medical diagnostic activities.
Italfarmaco Milan gets the FDA Certification for the production of sterilized pre-filled syringes.
Foundation of CHEMI LLC.
 2005 Italfarmaco completes the acquisition of ITF Farma Chile SA.
Italfarmaco Italia launches VASEXTEN (barnidipine) antihypertensive.
 2006 Foundation of ITF – Medical Produtos Farmaceuticos Lds (Portugal) – which incorporates two commercial lines from ITF Portugal.
Italfarmaco launches ALOXI (palonosetron) antiemetic for tumoral chemotherapy.
 2007 Francesco De Santis inaugurates Italfarmaco Spa new Business Unit Ginecologica (which joins the immunocologic and vascular line already active in the company).
FDA confirms certification for the manufacturing plant. Focus inspection: sterilized pre-filled syringes for Epinefrine.
The prize for Best sales Growth at the Aloxi Awards is conferred to Italfarmaco.
 2008 The first data concerning the use/development of a new conditioning scheme of the peripheral stem cell transplant with fotemustina (alchiant agent) are registered. The previous regimen for marrow pre-transplant was implemented by a “beam” scheme (with the use of carmustina an alchilante agent) but now the “feam” regimen using fotemustina is employed.
 2009 Acquisition of Instituto Farmaceutico Labomed SA (based in Santiago, it deals with commercial and productive activities) and merger with ITF Farma Chile SA in ITF – Labomed Farmaceutica Limitada.
In the same year, the Turkey representative office opens: ITF ILAC.
 2010 Versalya SA (Morocco) is founded.
Italfarmaco Italia in 2009 and 2010 (with Pletal, Zarelis and Saforelle) markets the largest number of products (Natecal Oro, Fentalgon, Treoject, Natalben più, Inofert).
FDA certification renewal for the production plant Italfarmaco. Focus inspection: sterilized pre-filled syringes for Octreotide e Enoxaparina.
FDA Inspection CHEMI (Cinisello). Focus inspection: Octreotice Acetate.
FDA Inspection CHEMI (Patrica): Focus inspection: Enoxaparina.
 2011 Ferplex Fol and Sonirem are launched on Italian markets.
ANVISA inspection on the Brazilian Italfarmaco premises: successful outcome with GMP certification expected in August.
Italfarmaco SA Spain celebrates its twenty years of operations.
 2012 Italfarmaco Group’s consolidation in Scandinavian countries.
Italfarmaco Italia markets new products: Gelistrol, Zaredrop, Folifill.
 2013 Francesco De Santis has relected Vice-President of Farmindustria for the two-year period 2013-2015
Italfarmaco achieves the Best Poster Critics Choice’s Award at the "Aloxi ten years of Marketing celebration" event by Helsinn Healthcare SA Best Poster Critics Choice

28 novembre - Sevelamer New Plant Inauguration by ITF Chemical (Bahia –Brasil) (Sevelamer is a treatment for the chronic renal impairment).
June - Inauguration new Office Italfarmaco Moscow. Inauguration new Office Italfarmaco Moscow

June - FDA approval for Enoxaparin ANDA by Teva, partner of Chemi (production starts at Italfarmaco’s plant in Milan).
December - Acquisition of Edwards Pharmaceuticals Inc. by our affiliate, Women’s Choice Pharmaceuticals, LLC, in the U.S.
Market launch of Xarenel (cholecalciferol), Coripren (lercanidipine + enalapril), Zenaus (ginger-based supplement), Teglutik (riluzole), Inofert (inositol-based supplement).
 2015 July - GMP approval by the Turkish Authorities after the inspection of the production plant Italfarmaco in Milan.
Market Launch of AINARA (medical device carbopol+policarbophil-based).
September - Opening of the Italfarmaco Group representative office in Vietnam.
September - Italfarmaco Group announce the acquisition of the remaining 50% in Effik, S.A.
January - Madrid, Italfarmaco Spain celebrates 25 years. Madrid, Italfarmaco Spain celebrates 25 years
2-3 March - Market launch of Akynzeo, new NK-1 antagonist serotonergic (combination of Palonosetron + netupitant) in fixed-dose oral formulation. De Santis and Barbaglia
  Akynzeo group photo
  September - Launch of Flavia: supplement of women in menopause.
  September – October - Two launches in the Primary Care of Italfarmaco: Gliatilin with new vials (area of the Central Nervous System) and the Filifill120 tablets with new dosage (Cardiovascular area).
2017 May - Natalben Oro and Natalben Supra launches expand the range of multivitamin and multimineral supplements designed for pregnancy.
January - Athens Greece, ITF Hellas celebrates 20 years. Athens Greece, ITF Hellas celebrates 20 years
  September - ITF PHARMA announces FDA approval of TIGLUTIK™ (riluzole) oral suspension for the tratment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).
  September - New Marketing launch of SONIDOR, a food supplement based on hawthorn, lavender and hops extracts that induce sleep and relaxation.
2019 January - Italfarmaco strengthen its presence in rare disease area by launching the medicinal product VOTUBIA.
  February - Italfarmaco launches NUPERAL in Italy, the first drug as fixed combination of doxilamine succinate and pyridoxine hydrochloride authorized for the symptomatic treatment of nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.

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